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What to Bring to Training


Student Needs

  • SUNSCREEN and BUG SPRAY – Sunscreen is always a good idea to use in our UV intense climate.  If mosquitos think you are particularly good tasting consider bringing some repellant.
  • CLOTHING – It can be cool in the wintertime and hot during the summer, so bring clothes that you layer up or down as needed.
  • FOOTWEAR – This is an extreme sport and footwear is very important. Wear boots with high tops that provide adequate ankle protection.  Do not wear boots that have open clips for lacing – they can snag the lines of your paraglider wing.  Do not wear sneakers or other kinds of low cut shoes if you want to avoid injury to your ankles.
  • WATER & SNACKS – Bring plenty of water and snacks with you. Any kind of physical discomfort, including thirsty or hunger, dramatically affects a pilot's ability to fly well. It is always important to feel physically well when paragliding.  We need to have 100% focus on flying.
  • GLOVES – Wear a pair of gloves with thin leather palms and cloth backs, such as found at Lowes or Home Depot.
  • HELMET for kiting you will need a lightweight bike/skate helmet like a Pro-tec.
  • Bring your enthusiasm!  Paramotoring is more fun than people are allowed to have – you will be hooked and not be able to keep your eyes off the birds and sky from this day forward.  ;)