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Physical and Mental Requirements

Physical Requirements

  1. AGE: Minimum age required to train is 18.  Maximum age depends on physical strength and agility.  Under special circumstances i.e. with approval of both parents, we may allow students younger than 18 to train.
  2. ABILITY TO RUN: You must be able to run at least 30 yards in 6 seconds or less.
  3. ABILITY TO TAKE A MODEST FALL & GET BACK UP:  You must be able to jump from a 3' ladder and land safely.  Part of your training includes learning how to fall without injury. Can you get back up with 50-75 pounds on your back?
  4. WEIGHT: Recommended student pilot weight minimum is 105 lbs  to 250 lbs (190 lb for tandem flights).  If you are overweight for your height and build by more than 20%, THIS SPORT COULD BE VERY HARD AND STRENUOUS FOR YOU TO LEARN TO DO.  Many of those wishing to train have lost the weight necessary.  Being overweight greatly increases your risk of injury or death while flying a paraglider.  If you are unusually tall, we may make an exception to the upper weight limit.
  5. VISION: Your long distance vision must be good.  You must be able to see clearly where you are going while flying.  If you need glasses, be sure to have sports-type eyewear, such as "Rec-Specs", that will not accidentally fall off while flying.  Inability to see clearly while in the air could result in injury or death.
  6. LEFT-RIGHT DETERMINATION: If you have difficulty determining which is your right or left, have someone drill you and see whether you can train yourself to instantly recognize which side is which.  Getting your right or left side/hand confused can be EXTREMELY dangerous while paragliding.
  7. Can you stay calm during a stressful situation(s) and make the correct response learned from training in the appropriate amount of time?

Mental Requirements

Mental stability while paragliding is of critical importance.  Maintaining mental stability is essential for engaging in any activity like paragliding or extreme sport where panic, loss of self control, or anything similar can lead to injury or death.  People do not think about task saturation but it can happen.  How will you respond when you are in the air?  It's worth thinking about.  Those who have had military experience will have had the mental training necessary.  Most people have the necessary mental stability to paraglide.

If you typically panic or get disoriented easily, powered paragliding is probably not for you.  This sport has many dangers and requires steady nerves to do it safely.  The good news is that most people can overcome their natural anxiety/fear of heights enough to fly safely and enjoy this awesome sport.  New pilots must be patient with themselves and not rush training.  It may takes several flights before you can really enjoy the freedom of being a bird.

Training Information

Read through this entire section if you are interested in training.  As a USPPA certified School, Apex Powered Paragliding, LLC operates in accordance with all Safety Guidelines and all USPPA Standards.  Training is never a waste of time nor money.  Ask someone that has tried to self train themselves.

  1. Read the FAQ page and this entire page about PPG training.
  2. If in doubt, you can also take a Tandem Training Flight with us.
  3. Tuition Costs - You must pay your tuition in full before we can schedule your training.  Tuition is not refundable.  Training doesn't include any rental of the gear.
  4. Membership  All student pilots must join USPPA before training begins except tandem students.  If your application is pending, we need a copy of your completed application.  You can also complete the application at our office.
  5. Physical and Mental requirements required.  If you wish to take a tandem flight, only #'s 1,2, and 4 of the physical requirements section apply.
  6. Textbook  Purchase the appropriate textbook and videos for your training PPG1 and above.
  7. Legal Details - These are important details of how we operate (see waiver on home page).
  8. Schedule Ground School After reading all sections and waiver, contact us to schedule your class at our office where you can start your PPG adventure.  If you cannot physically be here to complete the paperwork and pay the tuition, we can arrange to do it electronically.  What to bring to your lessons. 
  9. Equipment for flying  We will place your order for all of the necessary equipment required to train you.  We suggest that you purchase your glider and harness minimum to start kiting before your training.  We will want to fit you and order your paramotor shortly after ground school.  With the sport growing by leaps and bounds, we've seen production timelines increase to over 4-12 weeks on some paramotor units.  Please look around at our SHOP to see some of the brands we represent.   WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING USED GEAR OFF THE INTERNET.  YOU DO NOT KNOW THE HISTORY OF THAT EQUIPMENT.  We do from time to time have slightly used gear that we've inspected and available for sale.
  10. When Do you Train?  Apex publishes training times and days, but highly recommends you scheduling the time and day in advance.  We will work with your schedule as best as possible, as everyone's different.

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