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Justin Booher is the owner and full time instructor at Apex PPG. He's done about every sport where your feet leave the ground, including  BMX, Motocross, Scuba Diving, BASE Jumping and now Paramotoring.  He had the pleasure of mentoring underneath Aaron Butler at Epic PPG and they still work together to make instruction the best it can be for their students.

First-Rate Course Offerings

USPPA Untied States Powered Paragliding Association Oklahoma City Edmond

We offer all ratings based on the USPPA's syllabus and ratings (PPG1, PPG2, PPG3).  Very soon, we will be offering Tandem Flights for you to experience the taste of flight as well as assist with training our students.

We are also members of the EAA.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide Top Notch Service, Training, and Gear to get you in the air with the birds.   Our care and attention to detail will insure a exhilarating experience on your journey to flight.  We can help get your feet off the ground, whether it's Paramotoring, Skydiving or BASE Jumping, we have you covered.

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Apex PPG

100 N. Broadway, Suite 100, Edmond, Oklahoma 73034, United States

(405) 633-0880

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When the weather allows us to Spread Our Wings!

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